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Also got my violin back last night :) It sounds sooooo nice. Good-quality strings do make a difference. I had forgotten how difficult the 1st violin part to the Bach Double is. Eeep. But I played the Fiocco Allegro! Badly, but I played it!

I haven't lost as much ability as I was afraid I would have. I can still get a pretty nice tone; my fingers have just lost the memory of where exactly the notes are, and how to shift precisely, so I tend to play out of tune. My left hand also has a tendency to collapse around the neck, which is a bad habit I had before that is just worse now. But I'm noticing it, so I can fix it. And I think I have the patience now to get it all back.

I love rediscovering pieces that I had forgotten about - turning the page, mentally playing the music, and going ooooh I remember this! I love this one!

Of course, I had to put Mithril outside while I played to avoid getting my ankles gnawed to death. Poor kitty. *stifles a laugh*

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