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last night...

last night, I finally made it to the KTO's magick class. They've been doing Enochian stuff, which I know practically nothing about.

And what should happen but the person who was going to be scrying didn't show up, and they said 'You know, we've been talking about having someone with no Enochian experience scry, to avoid preconcieved notions and all that...'

And whaddaya know. I got recruited.

We summoned the Lord of Air, and I attempted to talk to him through the shew-stone. Damn, but that was bizarre. Very distinct sense of personality and something *other*, with intellect on a very different plane than ours. He initially attempted to communicate to me through rhythm/dance, but I couldn't translate that into words (though my subconscious knew exactly what he meant).

It was odd, because I was sitting here thinking 'You're the Lord of Air! You're supposed to be all about communication! Communicate with me, dammit!' But I got the sense from him that words were just getting in the way of communication.

The biggest thing he seemed to be attempting to communicate was a principle of unifying opposites (as someone else at the class put it): the idea of embracing extremes while staying completely focused; that opposites aren't mutually exclusive; that you should live both for the moment and for the Greater Purpose, with no contradiction or conflict between the two.

At one point I saw that he was holding a pyramid, and someone suggested I go inside. When I did, I was in the middle of a featureless plain stretching off in all directions, with a single point of light overhead. The angel said that if in this environment, with no apparent difference between the directions, I could still decide on a single path and stride down it with confidence, I would have understood the principle of unifying opposites.

When asked to show me his sign, I got an image of something like a reversed gamma with a couple of twiddly-bits:

     \     |
      |   /
      |  /

When we were going over the finding-the-path idea, someone asked for ideas for a talisman to help, and I got a symbol that looked like a bird (the cartoon v-shape of one flying towards you) inside a circle (with the wings coming out of the circle). Don't think that'll translate into ascii very well.

Then someone asked who we should contact next week. I got a bright flash of green, and another symbol that looked kind of like a cursive capital J:
    /  |
    |  |
    `  /

we looked that up in the book afterwards, and it looked a fair amount like the sigil for Earth of Earth (the green fits that, too - and keep in mind I'd never seen any of these signs when I got the picture!)

Soo. That was interesting. I hope I can keep going to the class, as annoying as it is to have to go into Cambridge two consecutive nights a week....

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