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damn, there's a *lot* I want to write about this morning. I'll probably break it into several chunks.

For now, the fluff:
E-Saver from Pittsburgh to Boston this weekend! Anyone wanna come visit? :)

Your mission (should you choose to accept it): pick a favorite (or any you can think of) group/musician starting with each letter of the alphabet.

I can never prioritize between modern and classical, so when I can think of one for both I'll put 'em both down. So there.

a: Tori Amos or Albinoni
b: Butthole Surfers or Beethoven
c: The Cure or Chopin
d: Dead Can Dance or Debussy
e: Erasure or Elgar
f: Faith and the Muse or Faure
g: Nina Gordon or Grieg
h: Heart or Handel
i: Indigo Girls
j: Joan Jett or Scott Joplin
k: KMFDM or Kreisler
l: Live or Liszt
m: Moxy Fruvous or Mozart
n: Nightwish
o: Orbital or Orff
p: Pink Floyd or Paganini
q: Queen
r: Rusted Root or Rachmanninov
s: Jane Siberry or R. Schumann
t: Toad the Wet Sprocket or Tchaikovsky
u: U2
v: Veracini or Verdi
w: Wagner
x: XTC
y: Yes
z: I give up

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