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I think Boston is starting to grow on me. What with getting more used to the feel of the city and meeting more nifty people, it's getting easier to spend time downtown (well, downtown defined as inside I-95, where I don't normally have to go on a day-to-day basis).

It's sort of a shame seeing as how I still really want to move to the west coast in a year or two, and figures it'll happen right when I finally decide I like it here and will regret leaving - but I guess it's better to enjoy the time here while I have it.

Someone really needs to invent a teleporter or superfast transportation so I don't have this problem of wanting to live on one side of the country and work on the other, with people I want to see scattered everywhere.

On another note, it's really really nifty to be in the potential-getting-to-know-you-flirting-madly stage with someone without really worrying about the potential for deeper relationship stuff - though I've had sexual friendships before, I've never really had a secondary relationship, and at least right now it's seeming a lot easier to just sit back and enjoy it. Wheeeee.

I need to go pick strawberries from my garden for breakfast. Damn is it cool to be able to do that.

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