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jeez, this test is so bad. I think there was one question out of 25 that I did not want to answer 'none of the above'.

The result it gave me is not too far off, though - it thinks I'm an 'Active Spiritual Seeker: Spiritual but turned off by organized religion'. Turned off by *mainstream* religion, sure. Thelema is pretty organized as they go, though. I would have put myself in the 'Confident Believer' category, 4 brackets higher. But given how bad the questions were...

take an example.

Q13: Each day�s newspaper brings reports of crimes, natural disasters, and disease. My most basic reaction is:
1. My faith is tested because I cannot understand how a just God could tolerate the agony of the world
2. I feel sadness, but accept that both the good and the bad of life are somehow part of God�s plan
3. Such tragedies make me confused about the nature of the Higher Power
4. Tragedies and disasters in the world convince me there is no God

1 - no. That's why I haven't been Christian for 15 years. If 2 didn't mention 'God's Plan' or imply human powerlessness, that would be relatively close. 3 - no, I'm not confused at all. 4 is what I ended up putting down, since my definition of God might well equal 'no God' in their eyes.


oh, and apparently I am


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Nov. 13th, 2001 12:41 pm (UTC)
yeah -- I took the beliefnet quiz and came out as 'evil, morally dead skeptic'. Not that the quiz was biased any... thought it was funny that, despite the one 'do you believe in god?' question, 99.9% of the other questions presupposed such a belief. Ah well. Results came out pretty accurately on me too...
Nov. 13th, 2001 01:14 pm (UTC)
The big problem (in my opinion) with this test is that it only has one axis. A lot of the questions poked at interesting places (although none-of-the-above should always be included in this sort of thing). Some of them were just bad -- like the one that had "agnostic" and "unshakable in my belief" as two opposing choices. Uh, they aren't mutually exclusive.
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