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jeez, this test is so bad. I think there was one question out of 25 that I did not want to answer 'none of the above'.

The result it gave me is not too far off, though - it thinks I'm an 'Active Spiritual Seeker: Spiritual but turned off by organized religion'. Turned off by *mainstream* religion, sure. Thelema is pretty organized as they go, though. I would have put myself in the 'Confident Believer' category, 4 brackets higher. But given how bad the questions were...

take an example.

Q13: Each day�s newspaper brings reports of crimes, natural disasters, and disease. My most basic reaction is:
1. My faith is tested because I cannot understand how a just God could tolerate the agony of the world
2. I feel sadness, but accept that both the good and the bad of life are somehow part of God�s plan
3. Such tragedies make me confused about the nature of the Higher Power
4. Tragedies and disasters in the world convince me there is no God

1 - no. That's why I haven't been Christian for 15 years. If 2 didn't mention 'God's Plan' or imply human powerlessness, that would be relatively close. 3 - no, I'm not confused at all. 4 is what I ended up putting down, since my definition of God might well equal 'no God' in their eyes.


oh, and apparently I am

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