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Note: This is primarily of interest to Pittsburghers, but I'm leaving it public so I can point people here from other social media.
(Whoops, I thought I posted this last week. shows you how organized I am.)

We're in the process of moving across town, like, now - we're shlepping carloads over every day, and the movers will be taking the furniture over on Saturday (PANIC!) The new house is a tad smaller than the current one, so we're getting rid of a lot of stuff, some of it in pretty good condition.

The following items will be donated to charity or sold on Craigslist by the end of the month unless someone here wants it. If you think you might be interested, comment or email me for more info on it. If you want an item but don't have a vehicle big enough to transport it, let me know anyway - as long as I have help to physically move the item, I could be talked into driving it in our minivan.

  • black card table
    top is sticky from too many craft projects, but if you put a cloth or board on top it's fine

  • monster game and/or media cabinet (pic)
    one of the drawers is a bit sticky.

  • daybed frame/bunky board
    twin size, ironwork frame, good condition
    don't have a pic as it's disassembled and behind layers of boxes, but it looks a little like this

  • futon (pic)
    queen size, surprisingly comfortable! would be keeping it if we had room

  • window A/C unit (pic)
    two years old, good condition, comes with remote control

  • washer/dryer
    about 7 years old, not fancy but they work fine

  • dented black file cabinet

  • old IKEA bookshelf (pins missing for one shelf)

  • ancient end tables
    sturdy but missing drawer pulls

  • microwave oven (pic)
    2 years old. makes scary noises, but we're pretty sure it's just because the electric in this house isn't up to par

Those of you with reason to have our new address should be getting email in the next couple of days. If you want to make sure you're on that list, comment or email :)
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