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Sometimes I think my purpose on life, whether I like it or not, is to be mediator between friends of mine that don't get along, or have insecurity attacks because I'm spending time with one person and not the other. Well, after so much practice with juggling friendships, multiple relationships should be easy, right?

The odd thing is I don't really understand how it happens; I can't remember a time where I couldn't spend time with X because I didn't like X's friends, or got jealous because X was spending too much time with someone else. I don't know if I'm just easygoing, or oblivious, or what, but it's weird.

Anyway. Did a solstice ritual last night with T., which was amazingly cool. We've determined that our husbands are actually the same person and that the two of us are evil twins. We're going to do lots more magick stuff together and she's going to take her Minerval initiation! Yay!

So, stuff. Good and bad. Life. Don't ya know.

That's annoying - there's no mood icon for ambivalent. I think it should be a happy and a sad face rapidly switching places.

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