Heather Keith Freeman (jnanacandra) wrote,
Heather Keith Freeman

Wiscon, day 1

Here at Wiscon, but that cold I thought I'd fought off a couple days ago has come back more insistently. Going to have to take it easy; so much for not being online this weekend, eh? Damnit. Well, just being here is a vacation - I got nearly 12 hours of sleep last night, and a nice long stretch of reading.

I managed to miscalculate when packing and am short a pair of underwear. Um, oops.

Madison - at least the central few blocks of it I've seen now - is a beautiful city. It's an interesting counterpoint to the labor protests that have been happening here for the last month that it comes across as a very progressive city; clean, open, lots of bike racks and buses, plenty of public seating and covered bus shelters. But in almost every non-chain store window are handmade signs supporting the protests.

This morning I'm setting up in the art show, and then hopefully will still have the energy to walk down to the feminist bookstore. Activities at the con proper start this afternoon.

One of my roommates scored a copy of seanan_mcguire/Mira Grant's Deadline yesterday, and has already finished reading it and passed it to me, so I can hold off buying my own copy until Tuesday when it will count towards her sales numbers :)

All three roommates, who I'd never met before yesterday (one not until this morning) are awesome. Very tickled to have stumbled into this situation.
Tags: politics, travel, wiscon

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