Heather Keith Freeman (jnanacandra) wrote,
Heather Keith Freeman

From Twitter 04-19-2011

  • Thanks to this cold, I have the day pretty much off (A&K took the kids to school). I would paint but don't want to drip snot on the paper.
  • Today's acupuncture appointment cancelled due to sick. *grumble*
  • The snot has retreated sufficiently for me to get a little painting done. My sanity is saved, for today at least.
  • Attempting to work out logistics for Wiscon. So. Damned. Expensive. *clutches head*
  • My tattoo is in that funky raised-welt stage that keeps my fingers exploring the new texture. At least it's no longer peeling or itching!
  • *grumbles* at forms that don't allow for ppl who don't fit into their little boxes. Like requiring a phone number. HELLO, DEAF PERSON HERE.
  • FYI, Skynet goes operational today and will attack on Thursday. (via half of twitter)
  • Sadness. http://bit.ly/hhcWtx #doctorwho #ripelisabethsladen

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