Heather Keith Freeman (jnanacandra) wrote,
Heather Keith Freeman

From Twitter 04-11-2011

  • Fabulous news to start my week: I've been accepted into the Wiscon art show! *happy dance*
  • "Memo to Barack Obama: YOU ARE EITHER A BAD POOL PLAYER OR A CLOSET REPUBLICAN." http://bit.ly/eCMt7S
  • A really cool art project: old photos held up to merge with the present day. http://bit.ly/11WSLi
  • This is probably my favorite from the aforementioned project: 9th St in DC, 1922 and today. http://bit.ly/gsBTun
  • WTF is wrong with Google? It's so slow as to be unusable of late.
  • Gah. Working with masking fluid today, and when I peeled it off it brought the top layer of paper with it. NOT the intended effect.

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