Heather Keith Freeman (jnanacandra) wrote,
Heather Keith Freeman

From Twitter 03-18-2011

  • Wow. I had no idea Play-doh could grow mold.
  • Painted trees! http://bit.ly/fFXxNA
  • Let's play furniture tetris!
  • RT @studentactivism BREAKING: Wisconsin judge grants restraining order blocking enactment of Walker's anti-union bill! #wiunion
  • RT @smlacy: Sometimes you have to let go of the painting you thought you were creating & focus on the painting that wants to be created.
  • Pick a direction, any direction, and just go. Not everything will get done, but *something* will. http://bit.ly/hkRuzr
  • Tomorrow I sign papers and hang art at my new gallery! And I have so much more shit to do! *panics, breathes, and just keeps going*

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