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People! Are writing awesome stuff! On the internet!

Linkdrop the first: to prove that you can make fanfic off of anything (and really f&#!ing amazing fanfic, too), I give you Goodnight Room, based on the ubiquitous children's bedtime story Goodnight Moon.

Linkdrop the second-fifth: Tor Books' Twelve Doctors of Christmas is currently underway, one essay for each incarnation of the Doctor written by a different writer. Hartnell, Troughton, and Pertwee are up now.

Linkdrop the thirdsixth: Velveteen vs. the Ordinary Day, by Seanan McGuire. Watchmen meets the Incredibles meets... well, Seanan McGuire. (If you like that one, there are apparently many more Velveteen stories here, which I will set to devouring as soon as I finish this post.)
Tags: doctor who, linkage, media

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