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Pwned by a muppet

Tonight we went to this event by the Pittsburgh Toonseum, at which Carol Spinney was the guest of honor. You know, Carol Spinney - he who is the voice of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street.

Afterwards, as we got our picture taken with Carol (with Oscar on his arm), I asked the man how the eyebrows on Oscar worked.

Oscar looked me in the eye and said belligerently, "Actually, I use my emotions."


We also found out why Oscar turned from his original orange (in the first couple of seasons) to the green that everyone knows. "There was this resort," Oscar said. "Muddy, filthy, it was great! This is all mold and moss. I'm still orange!"


They had a guy making balloon animals, so we got him to make a balloon T-Rex for the 4-year-old sleeping at home. That and the photograph of Mommy and Daddy meeting Oscar the Grouch ;)
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