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Why, why, WHY is the media insisting on linking the anthrax epidemic to bin Laden? There is absolutely no evidence save the circumstantial timing to link the two - and I'd find it at least as plausible that some opportunist unconnected with him decided this was a good time to make the most of his plan. (If so, it's certainly working - this would have been bad without the war, but the two together are putting a pretty big strain on things.)

Despite every official coming out and saying explicitly that while they cannot rule out a link, there is nothing to connect them either, headline after headline says "U.S. bombs Afghanistan; Anthrax spreads" like the two are linked (or they're not worthy of separate stories?); TLC is showing documentaries on "bin Laden and Anthrax" and "Terrorists' use of Biological Weapons".

Thanks to this, most of the country probably is assuming the anthrax is another attack from al-Qaeda. With zero evidence. Of course some people would assume this anyway, but non-misleading headlines would help tremendously.

This has been your daily expression of Frustration With Human Stupidity (tm) brought to you by the letter Q and the number 12.

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