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May be using this journal more often again; the lawsuit against the guy who hit me in the car accident last year is moving forward, and if I'm going to vent about it I'm going to need to do it in a moderately secured space.

Right now, though, I'm just depressed about potty training. We've been trying now for almost five months, making the slowest progress possible. We finally got to the point where one day he'd be fine, use the potty all day, and the next he'd have 10 accidents and not even care. Rewards only perk up his interest for a day or two. Last week his daycare finally got sick of mopping up after him and have asked us to put him back in pullups. As we needed a break from the constant messes too, we agreed. After a few days of that, he's regressed completely, to where it takes a huge battle even to get him into the potty, and he hasn't actually gone on it in days.

And it's not as simple as "wait it out, he'll learn when he's ready". He can only be in his current classroom for four more months (until he's 3 1/2), and then he has to move up to the next one (he's already by far the oldest kid in his room). And if he doesn't train soon after moving, they'll kick him out.

I can't take care of him full-time; I'm not physically capable of it. Four more months may seem like plenty of time, but not when we've already been trying for five. It's like an ax looming over my neck. I don't know what we'll do if it comes to that.

We know he's smart. We know he has the muscle control to hold it. What he doesn't seem to have is any sense of when he's about to not be able to hold it any more. And we are having no luck motivating him. All the typical things - peer pressure, wanting to be grownup, parental disappointment, rewards, fancy underwear - he just doesn't seem to care.

Considering blowing $27 on this ebook - but I'm also guessing it will be 90% the same stuff we already know that hasn't worked.

What my brain is telling me is to let him be for a couple of weeks. See if, without the pressure from us and school, he decides to move forwards on his own. Knowing him, it's plausible. But I'm scared that every day without pushing is getting us farther away from the goal, and closer to that ax.
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