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Heresy, Fun, and Games

The street Aiden's daycare is on is full of schools. Seriously, it's a gauntlet of them (with accompanying speed traps). One of these schools is the Holy Infant Catholic School.

Last week there were signs up for the Holy Infant Picnic, to which I could only respond "Do you think they'll have Holy Infants on the rotisserie?"

This week, though, it gets better - there's a carnival setting up in their parking lot! Which leads to speculation on such thrilling attractions as:

  • Holy Infant Ring Toss
  • HolEy Infant Dart Throw
  • The Bearded Virgin Mary
  • The Wild Holy Infant Roller Coaster

Add your own in the comments!

(Oh, and the Passionist Nuns Convent a few miles away is hosting Bingo nights. Passion of the Bingo? All Nun and Games until someone loses a card?)
Tags: audience participation, funny, heresy, silly
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