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PSA: whereabouts of the freeples

Tomorrow morning we're flying to St. Louis for house hunting. We'll be back Saturday afternoon.

We then have a week to pack like crazy. Friday the 27th we're picking up the moving truck, packing it up (hopefully with the assistance of many of you lovely folk) and hitting the road either Sunday the 29th or Monday the 30th. If time permits, we may make a brief appearance at OLOTEAS on Saturday - but don't count on it :(

Seattle folk: I know we've been kind of invisible for a while; between my back injury and toddler parenting, it's been very hard for us to have any kind of a social life. But we'd really like to see as many of you as possible before we leave, whether you can help out or not. We'll be here most of the time between the 21st and the 28th - just drop an email or call if you want to stop by and say hi and goodbye....

Anyway, we'll then be taking a slow drive cross-country (so as to mitigate the stir-craziness of the toddler and hence the parents) and shooting to arrive in St. Louis sometime between April 1 and April 3. We'll be unloading the truck between when we get there and the 5th. blondeone93 has been rallying the troops of Samadhi Camp to help us out on that end :)

Andrei starts work at Mobile Armor on the 6th.

So that's our next three weeks. Are we having fun yet?
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