Heather Keith Freeman (jnanacandra) wrote,
Heather Keith Freeman

[local] Election Night

Election day is in one week!

We will be having a gathering that evening (Tuesday, 11/4) to watch the returns and celebrate/commiserate as necessary. Probably starting around 6pm, but show up anytime (just keep the noise down after 8 so the little one can sleep :). We'll probably have some snacks/drinks on hand, but contributions would be welcomed.

And while we're at it - my opinions on the local initiatives.

First off, seriously, READ the summary and arguments in the voter guide. (If you can't find yours, it's online here.) They are well written and comprehensible, and give good insight into what's actually going on.

I-985's little summary on the ballot sounds okay, but seriously, go read what it actually does. It mandates, statewide, that carpool lanes be open to all traffic except between 6-9am and 3-6pm. This would slow transit by 10%, force the closure of the carpool lane on 520 approaching the bridge, and generally be a typical Tim Eyman disaster. Oh, and the higher cost of red-light cameras will probably end up killing people.

Then there's I-1000, the "Death with Dignity" initiative, basically a copy of the one that's been active in Oregon for the last 10 years. I voted for it, but if you're against it I doubt there's anything I can say to sway you.

I-1029 has to do with increasing training and certification requirements for care providers for the elderly and disabled. The benefits of additional training are questionable, and the potential costs to the people who need care very high. I voted no.

Finally, Prop 1, more transit and light rail. This is good, seriously. Sure it's expensive. But if there are more buses, you don't have to pay for as much gas, or sit in traffic for as long, which pays for itself pretty damn fast.
Tags: election, local, politics, seattle

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