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In which I wish I had the gift of creative cursing

Well, gosh. Wouldn't it be nice if the technician would actually READ the forms containing every possible detail about my physical condition that they make me fill out every time I visit?

Then perhaps I wouldn't find out AS HE IS INJECTING THE CONTRAST for my second MRI that I can't breastfeed for 48 hours, and that only because I happened to make a joke about it turning my milk green!

Of course, he then double checked with the radiologist and found that new studies indicated breastfeeding was "probably" okay. But that hardly makes me less upset. My right to informed consent to a procedure was denied today. I should have been told when I made the appointment, not when I got there, not just before the injection, and sure as FUCK not after it's too late to say no!

I left them an angry comment card. Not much else I can do, though, except seethe for a while.
Tags: health, rant

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