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actually got myself out of bed early this morning. weird. can't remember if i took my drugs or not. but i'm feeling reasonably with-it, so I guess I'll assume I did....

Pagan test:
# 1 Druid
# 2 Shaman
# 3 Wiccan
# 4 Asatru
# 5 Greek
# 6 Thelema
# 7 Orisha
# 8 Egyptian

That is so amazingly wrong. Ha! They asked all the wrong questions. I wonder what they think the profile of a Thelemite is.... at least they had Thelema on the list. The thing is, there *is* no profile of a Thelemite - at least, not one that could be gotten from those questions. Finding your Will and following (your interpretation of) the Book of the Law are really the only constants, and I'm sure you'd find exceptions to those too.

A more accurate ranking for me would be something like:
Thelema, Wiccan, Egyptian, Greek, Shaman, Druid, Asatru
with Orisha stuck somewhere in there 'cause I really don't know much about it.

And, of course: I'm 63% slut. Whee!

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