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pimpage: art for cheap!

Tomorrow, shadesong is writing flash fiction for 24 hours to raise money for her favored charity, the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. This year she's doing it in conjunct with donated art from dozens of artists, including me. To see more detail about exactly what she's doing and why, see here.

And regardless of whether you care about that, see here for the artwork, which is being auctioned off in conjunct with a storybit about each piece for ridiculously low prices. (Seriously - my painting is worth $400 retail, and the starting bid is $9.99.) There's also a ton of beautiful jewelry, other paintings, scarves, boxes, stuff, mostly handmade and one-of-a-kind.

Go! See! Bid! Most of these auctions end Sunday evening!
Tags: art, firesea, linkage, pimpage

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