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stupid documentation

This explanation of fuzzy logic is, erm, not the clearest. I know the basic concepts, but I can't wrap my head around how they're implementing it. Grar.

As much as I hate writing documentation, I am frequently tempted to be a tech writer since I know I could do it about a million times better than most of the crap out there. I've probably posted that sentiment before. Oh well.

And the one person who might know the password to this machine I have to install SharePoint on is MIA, and has been since first thing this morning when he pointed me to the machine but I forgot to ask him then what the password was. Grar. At least I know the machine has the right OS on it, so I won't have to reinstall that.

Feeling a little fuzzyheaded. No Manray tonight.


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Oct. 20th, 2001 02:24 am (UTC)
I just want to point out that tech writing is harder than it looks. I can generally write good documentation for things that I get whole and complete and have time to play with and learn. But in the real world you get a product in the process of being created, are rushed to learn how to use it, and you have to figure out how to document it. Which of course leads to the eternal question: is this not working because I am misunderstanding it, because it's an insane "feature", or do I need to report it as a bug. And all the while the information you have with which to learn the system is even worse than the documentation that the users will get.

In other words, tech writing pretty much sucks.
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