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Language comprehension!

So I've posted a couple of times about how difficult it is to know how much Aiden is really understanding or trying to communicate, since pure chance will have signal and interpretation overlap from time to time. It's impossible to know if he's saying "hiiiii" with the intent of greeting until we see it not only repeated a lot at the appropriate times, but NOT used at inappropriate times.

That being said, he does seem to be using it with intent! Today one conversation went thusly:




"Hi! Are you really saying hello?"


We've been playing tracing games on his magna-doodle of late, including tracing his hand; but we hadn't done it today. Today we had traced several toys when I said, without gesturing or leading him in any way, "Can I trace your hand?" and then he put his hand down! Next I said "Can I trace your foot?" (which, I might add, we had never done before) and he promptly put his foot down to be traced! Then, of course, it was nothing but foot-tracing for the next ten minutes....

So it's confirmed - we have not only language comprehension, but a couple of rudimentary words and the ability to have conversations.

Guess that's means no more discussing degree secrets in front of him ;)
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