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Quick notes

For the few local-ish folks who may not read elocinnuala's journal:

We're starting a crafts co-op as a branch of Fire Sea Studios - the Fire Sea Crafty Coalition! The general idea being that so many people we know Make Cool Stuff, but not enough of it to sell at big events, nor do they have the time or money to do such events alone. Together, on the other hand...

The primary goal at this time is a joint booth at Faerieworlds, though other events may also come on the radar if this starts coming together well. We've got oodles of interest so far, from people doing everything from knitting to stained glass.

elocinnuala has agreed to be my business manager and is doing most of the coordination for this. Come read/join firesea_coop if interested (insert chicken joke here).

Very busy. Very excited. Zoom!
Tags: brains, business, firesea

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