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Well, this has been a month. The toddler tantrums and control-freakdom and whining are in full swing. He doesn't like "no" but doesn't seem to understand if I suggest an alternative. He's clingy and whiny and wants what he wants RIGHT NOW. And even if I give him some of what I have, the part that I have has got to be better. He won't take comfort from anyone when he's upset about not having his way - in fact, he'll struggle so hard it becomes physically impossible for me to hold him. And frequently he will just whine for no apparent reason whatsoever, and still refuse any attempt to comfort or distract him.

On the other hand, he's learning new things every day, sometimes every hour. He's started hamming it up for the camera (see this picture as example). He helps us put on his clothes, and will bring us our shoes when he wants to go out. He loves people, as always, and will generally be a complete sweetheart when they're around. He has almost learned to pet the cat gently. Kind of. Sometimes. He will bounce to music, occasionally almost in time.

Communication from him to us is definitely getting better, even without words or signs. He's getting better at pointing to the things he wants, even if he throws a fit when it's something he can't have. He has a very characteristic sound when he wants something, too, such that a point-and-grunt means "I want that" and just point means "look at that" or if I'm holding him at the time "go that way". One day a couple of weeks ago he tried to get into the bathtub, then pointed to his bath toys, then tried to get into the tub again, and cried when I said that there was no bath today. (I then caved and gave him a bath. And yes, I know, caving doesn't help him learn what no means.) It's just communication from us to him where I feel incredibly frustrated most of the time.

The heralded getting-him-to-sleep-in-his-own-bed project did not come to pass, thanks to a well-timed nasty cold on his part that he then gave to both of us. But he is sleeping more independently at night nonetheless, nursing less often and rolling away when he's done rather than having to stay in contact all night long. This means I get better sleep overall, though the incidences of either of us waking to tiny feet in the jugular or kidney have risen somewhat.

He adores books, and even flipped through a magazine several times before he tore any pages. He will routinely request multiple readings of a book, which I'm trying not to let drive me crazy.

We've started him on Gymboree classes, which I think will be good for both of us. Right now he's much more interested in exploring the gym than participating in the activities, but he's only been to two classes, so we'll see how that develops.

Just this moment he has learned how to put the straw back into the juice box without help! Go fine motor control!

Ahh. Toddlers. Good thing they keep getting cuter.
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