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15 months

15 months! (Well, and two days, because today is when his pediatrician appointment was.)

Aiden is 32 inches tall and 24.5 pounds, 90th percentile and 50th. I knew there was a reason he'd grown out of all his pants in the last month... HIs motor development is comfortably ahead of where his doctor needed to see it, and he said not to worry about speech or lack thereof until he's two at the earliest. To quote him, "Year one is about growth; year two about motor, and year three is all speech."

One interesting thing about parenthood I've discovered is that so many of the things that are "supposed" to be huge, momentous "firsts" are really fuzzy gray areas. We did definitively catch his first laugh and the first time he got into a sitting position on his own - but rolling over, crawling, walking, and now (maybe) talking have all been a long process of "Is he? Isn't he? I'm not sure. Was that - I can't tell. Ok, I guess we can't deny it anymore."

Aiden *may* be saying "hi", "Dada", "Mama", and "Aiden", in decreasing order of replicability. But even in the case of "hi", we have no way of telling if he is actually using it with an intent to greet people or if it's just a fun sound that he's discovered gets a particularly good reaction from the big people around him. It's a matter of gradual statistical correlation, and reacting as if he means it to reinforce the behavior until eventually he will figure it out. Or has figured it out.

So is he talking? I have no idea.

What about understanding? That's supposed to come well before speech. Aiden will sometimes comply with what we ask, but it's almost always only when it's in line with learned circumstances and established patterns - like saying "open your mouth" when I feed him, paired with me modeling the behavior, and yes, he opens his mouth. Does he understand the words I say? I have no idea.

On a more objective front, Aiden is eating significant amounts of solid food - probably 20-40% on any given day. He can drink from a cup if I hold it for him, with or without a straw. Cheerios are his Favorite Food Evar. He is also usually far more interested in whatever we're eating than in what we try to feed him, naturally.

One breakthrough on the sleeping front - while he has been napping in his own bed since we moved six weeks ago, for the first five he would cry pitifully when he woke until one of us came and got him. The last week, though, he's frequently gotten out of bed, left his room, and wandered out to find us, quietly and happily! This means we have to keep a sharper eye on that hallway, but it also means he's not automatically miserable if he wakes up alone, which is a good thing!

This next month will be interesting. Andrei has a week or so off of work in late December, so we're going to see if we can transition Aiden into his own bed overnight. I really have no idea how well this is going to work, as he still nurses several times overnight. (Yes, I know the rice cereal trick, but a) he doesn't like it, and b) I'm pretty sure that's been proven to be a myth.)

His coordination and motor control are improving at a dizzying rate. He's quite good with the shape sorter now, and plays ball-throwing and -rolling games. He can operate light switches and (sort of) zippers. He has also figured out how to climb up and stand on his baby-sized chair, which is only moderately nervewracking to watch. When he discovers a new thing he can do with an object, he will do it over and over and over again, and even if we actively try to distract him he will go back to it. (Who knows - despite the double-barreled genetics, he's certainly not showing any signs of ADD right now!)

Oh, and he had his first real illness beyond a cold this month - roseola. A few days of fever, a few days of rash. Worse was the weeklong cold I got the week after - taking care of an active toddler is tiring enough even when I'm healthy!
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