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When I don't post for a while, it's usually for one of two reasons.

1) Life is happening
2) the things on my mind aren't things I can post about, whether it be because I haven't put the issue into words yet or because it would mean a breach of ethics.

Lately it's been a combination of the two. On the Life front, Aiden was sick for a week, then I was, and now Andrei is. Getting/keeping the new place in order is proving to be a bumpy ride.

On the plus side, Aiden is getting better at napping in his own bed. Fire Sea Studios is now being hosted on our server downstairs, so I can actually start keeping the site up to date again. And I've made a sufficient dent in my art studio that I should be able to start painting again later this week. That will do wonders for my mental health.

Things I haven't put into words yet - hearing problems, language problems, social frustrations. What it's like for me to try to follow conversations with noise and divided attention. Things I could put into words if I had more than the brief span of Aiden's nap to braindump.

Things I shouldn't post about - well, there you have it.
Tags: aiden, brains, firesea, misc, update
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