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Aiden: 14 months!

(well, and two days; happy Guy Fawkes day, go watch V for Vendetta tonight!)

14 months!

Just like in American hotels, there was no 13. Oops. (American hotels don't have a 13th floor. Isn't that bizarrely idiotic? I never noticed that until very recently.)

Anyway. Much has happened in the last two months. I suppose most dramatically, Aiden is now very interactive! We play games, have babbling conversations, and when I do something silly he wants me to do it over and over again.

The first game Andrei taught him - to "bibble" his lower lip with his finger. Once he figured that out, he then tried to do it to us, and figured out how to hum while we did it to him to get the full effect. It's proven to be a very good way for him to entertain himself in the car.

We've been working on the "find mama's nose!" (or mouth, or chin) game, and it appears to be making no dent whatsoever. But as with many things, I suspect he knows far more than he's letting on.

I've also introduced him to the "your body parts make silly sound effects!" game, which is immensely entertaining. (His ears make a "ladeladeladel" sound, in case you were curious.)

Just this last week he's started to figure out the shape sorter! He's not quite up to finding the right hole himself, but pointed to the right hole he can get most of the shapes in without too much trouble.

He's also just figured out how to put his baby legos together! He is, for the most part, still far more interested in taking them (and everything else) apart, however.

Aiden is making some slight progress in treating the cats gently. At least he no longer immediately goes in with full banging and fur-pulling enthusiasm, but giggles from afar for a few seconds first, and then gently pokes before going in for the kill.

He is, in true toddler fashion, getting into anything and everything. He gleefully opens drawers and cabinets, and then closes them carefully and precisely, almost never catching himself in the crack.

Given that we are amidst moving chaos, the process of keeping him out of dangerous things has been... challenging, to say the least. While he understands "no", I believe, his brain isn't wired for impulse control yet, so "no" almost always has to be followed up with picking him up and moving him elsewhere. (Distraction, supposedly the magic word for toddler control, doesn't work very well - once this boy gets it fixed in his head that he wants something, very little will dissuade him from it.)

Since we've moved, he has his own room with his own bed! Not that he sleeps in it, of course. Well, sometimes we can put him down for a nap there. But he's not really used to the space yet, so naps don't last very long. Apart from that, though, he loves the new house and has so much more space to roam here.

While we were moving I'd pretty much given up on feeding him solid food due to logistical craziness. But now he usually eats several handfuls of cheerios a day, plus some baby food and maybe a cracker or two. He'll also happily munch (though not so much swallow) on beans, lettuce, and noodles. He's not so fond of meat, which has me wondering what I'm supposed to do about protein. I guess I could try scrambling him an egg. Hm. He's also figured out drinking through a straw, though we have to hold the cup down for him. When I'm feeding him with a spoon he'll grab onto it and chomp away, with subsequent messes.

Aiden is not talking, but he is happily babbling away - about 50% pure vowel sounds, 25% "dadadada", 10% whatever other sound he's working on (lately it's been "nananana"), and 15% strange gutterals and miscellaneous consonants. I haven't heard him trying to mimic anything we say, but he has a couple of times said things that almost sounded like words. I have no idea if he means them as such, though.

The "milk" sign has devolved into "I want that", which honestly works just as well. He's also figured out pointing, and occasionally waving, though it's this odd crumpled version of the "I want that" sign that really only seems to be waving in context..... maybe. He also is very good at indicating when he wants to be picked up, though it's not a sign per se - more just grabbing at legs and grunting frantically. He will not, however, come to you when asked - if anything, he seems to take pride in going the other way. Whether that means he understands "come here!" or not - I really don't know.

He likes hugs! He'll come to people for hugs now, and sometimes to sit on your lap. Oh the cute and the melt and the awwwwww. Even as I type this he's sitting in my lap watching the screen intently. (Of course, it's very early and he's not quite awake yet.)

Happy 14 months, my beautiful boy.
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