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life with Andrei and Heather

So it's dawn and I'm stumbling around getting ready to take Andrei to the bus. Andrei, having been up for several hours already, is patiently waiting with his computer in one arm and Aiden in the other. Realizing he's carrying pretty much everything, I say "I'll get the door."

"Why, thank you," he replies dryly.

I miss the second level of the sarcasm entirely and act hurt as we get into the car, saying "I was trying to help!" Andrei responds that he meant it humorously. I say that perhaps I'm not able to process that level of humor at this hour.

Andrei arches an eyebrow. "So what you're saying is that I should have just hit you in the face with a pie."

I keel over, laughing so hard I have to stop the car. (Fortunately, we were still in the driveway at that point.)

Erm. Maybe you had to be there.
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