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Moving all of our perishable food into a house with no power, scrambling as the sun sets to find where we packed all the candles (which fortunately had gone over earlier that day), and then fighting stop and go traffic through dark traffic lights to go one mile to the restaurant, which fortunately still had power.

As we went into the restaurant the sky to the west suddenly flashed a brilliant aqua - it was bizarre. Best guess is that a transformer blew.

As an aside, as we left Snohomish earlier we found that the major light coming into town from the south, at route 9 and Marsh Rd, was out. Ironically, this appeared to actually *improve* the traffic flow there.

Fortunately power had come back by the time we were done with dinner, and the Snohomish house only lost power for about half an hour in the middle of the afternoon (with a nice big blast from the switching station next to the house!).

Probably less on the actual moving today, as utilities are being installed at the new place. The Big Stuff gets moved tomorrow, and the leftovers on Sunday.

All of you who have been helping along the way ROCK. We couldn't do it without you!
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