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bookshelf snapshot

Books are usually the one thing in my life I have organized. But with the advent of a very mobile nearly-one-year-old, the books in the living room have been getting shuffled about a bit, in that flurry of "he's going for the book put it away NOWbeforeheeatsit..."

The result is a rather... eclectic lineup, taken from one section:

Baby Signs
Freemasons for Dummies (it's Andrei's, don't ask)
Erotic Bondage Handbook
Knots and Ropework (ok, at least these last two go together)
Oxford Book of Poetry for Children
and laid across the top, a copy of The Book of the Law

Farther down that same shelf appear books on home organization (ha!), small business management, the complete radio scripts of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Toyota Prius electrical wiring diagrams.

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