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camera? and travel changes

FIrst off - NOTOCONers who will be at the early bird reception on Thursday - anyone bringing a good quality digital camera who wouldn't mind my taking up a shot or two? I didn't get a chance to photograph my new painting before packing it up, and we didn't have room to pack our camera.

Anyway. Our flight got rerouted/changed, we're still getting in at the same time but now are on a direct flight (yay) in three separate rows, all middle seats.... (ack). We're going to pray someone takes pity on us at the gate, otherwise *everyone* on the flight will be miserable with a screaming baby. Wish us luck.

Ok, seat progress.... we're now two adjacent, one two rows back. It's now not a complete nightmare to contemplate. Our overall travel karma has been great today, so maybe it will get still better once we get to the gate.

Aiden's having a great time in the flight club, crawling (and walking!) everywhere, making friends with strangers, chewing on celery. Now we just hope he's willing to go to sleep in about an hour and a half.


Tags: firesea, travel
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