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11 months!

Eleven months....

And oh, the battle of wills that has begun.

Most notably, Aiden now *hates* having his diaper changed, and will fight it for all he's worth. Most of the time I have to have one leg on top of him to pin him while I clean his butt, and he cries so piteously. It's a good thing I have a higher resistance to it than I did 11 months ago....

He will also pitch fits at having toys (or whatever valuable item he currently believes is his toy) taken away from him, or at anyone he likes (not just Mommy, finally) leaving the room.

These last six weeks we did a Music Together class (group music class for children from birth to age 5), which for all of the teacher's petrifying perkiness was quite entertaining for him. And he *loves* music, and happily plays bells and drums and the piano. His sleepy whining is getting more musical, to the point where calling it his "I'm not tired" song isn't so far off. Seems that way to me, anyway :)

As reported recently in other posts, he has sprouted teeth - three two weeks ago, and just today one more, his left bottom side incisor. So he has three on the bottom and one on the top, though the other top central one is *this* close. The teething has been remarkably uneventful. After the screaming fits he would have every so often for the last six months where you couldn't get anything anywhere near his mouth, I was dreading this part, but all that seemed to happen was some more sleeping and crankiness than usual (last night he slept 13 hours!!).

We've started letting him play with solid food. Most successful has been cheerios, though he has also made a passable imitation of eating corn chips, snap peas, edamame, applesauce, and yogurt. He has extremely limited tolerance for us trying to feed him anything, though - he wants to do it himself! I'm shocked, I tell you. Shocked.

He has become reasonably competent at going both up and down stairs, though he still loses his balance occasionally. We've moved the baby gates to allow him to practice as much as he likes without getting into the office, which is still a non-babyproofed nightmare. (Not that anywhere else is really babyproofed either, but at least I think we've gotten most of the *really* dangerous stuff off the floor....;)

And then there's the walking. As with crawling, it's hard to draw a distinct line between walking and not. He took his first distinct step on his own over a month ago, but over the last month has been increasing that to 6, 8, or even 10 steps before tumbling down, and in the last several days the limit has more usually been because he bumped into something than that he just lost balance. He will also fairly quickly lose patience and drop to crawling if he actually wants to go somewhere - but if it's walking he's working on, he is so very pleased with himself! For all intents and purposes, I'd have to say he is walking. The next stage of competency I guess I'll mark when walking becomes his default mode of locomotion over crawling.

He continues to pay careful note to the shape of things, playing with them, putting like shapes next to each other and comparing them. It started with circles, and thanks to recent access to a box full of cds in jewel cases, has graduated to squares and rectangles. (But if I come down and find a formula for squaring the circle, then I'm going to be a little weirded out.)

For all the babbling, I've still seen no sign of actual words or attempts at verbal communication (or sign, for that matter - which we do use with him as well). My inner paranoid is fighting off being worried about that, but he shows wonderful intelligence in many other ways, including communicating with general body language, so it may be he just hasn't felt the need for words yet.

Hm. Pondering if there's anything else to post in this, but sleep is rapidly catching up with me. (Yes, I know it's only 9:30. On a Friday night. Shush. Young whippersnappers. Gods, when did I get old?!?)
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