Heather Keith Freeman (jnanacandra) wrote,
Heather Keith Freeman

  • Mood:

the poetry bug strikes again

just a little war, baby war, won't hurt a soul
gonna make the nasty terrorists go away
and as we know, terrorists have no souls
so we'll all be just fine, rockabye my baby
rockabye, little war, baby war, my baby

and anyone who helps them is a terrorist themselves
ask for proof? evidence? you're a terrorist!
give money to a mosque? terrorist!
had a muslim friend in school? terrorist!
don't think we should bomb them? terrorist!

little war, baby war, they can't hurt us, not again
those threats? those screams? they don't mean a thing
they hurt us once, it's true, but now we're on our guard
and nothing bad'll happen, not to us, anyway
and we're the only ones that matter. (terrorist!)

it'll be like stepping on a bug (squish!) trust us. trust us.
(rockabye, little war, baby war, my baby)
nothing's gonna happen. uh-uh. sweet dreams.
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