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Right, so -

I'm talking with a guy I met at Faerieworlds who coordinates art shows in the Portland area. Things looking highly promising there.

I did the sketch and underpainting for sidhefire's commission today. It's going to be such a nice change from the pit of despair and betrayal that has been my studio for the last few months (that painting's not done yet, but close enough that I can switch my main focus to something else, thank gods).

I bought Aiden his first pair of shoes (Robeez) today! They have lizards on them. Teehee.

Aiden has also been a holy terror the last few days. I think his fourth tooth is coming in and making up for the lack of fuss the first three made.

Sometime soon I want to sit down and write up all the things I want for the homestead we want to build.

I have blueberries and apricots and nectarines and snap peas and corn. Yay farmers' market!

NOTOCON is coming up far too quickly. I need to figure out my vending whosiewhatsits.
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