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10 months

10 months!

The biggest development this month has been the slow but steady march towards actual walking! Aiden will now happily take my hands and walk across the room, and has even been seen taking one or two steps on his own before going kerTHUD.

He will as happily drink from a sippy cup as a bottle now.

He absolutely adores music! Seated on my lap at the piano, he will entertain himself for quite a while, and appears to be making attempts at rhythm and melodic contours above and beyond simple banging for the sake of noise. He will even, when I'm in the other room, go over to the piano, stand on his tiptoes, and play away.

He also loves playing the gong, the tambourine, bells, and any drum-like surface he can reach.

Last week we started him in Music Together, a music program for children birth-5 which should be great fun for him, even if the teacher is of the SCARY brand of perky. (As Andrei put it, "it's like a PBS children's show ejaculated all over my face".)

We are definitely having battles of will now. Aiden dislikes being changed most of the time now, and sometimes it requires two people to hold him down. On the bright side, he adores the water, so baths are great fun. (Unfortunately changing time happens far more often than bathtime.) He pulls things off of shelves and gets upset when the latest shiny-but-dangerous-or-fragile-thing is taken away from him. Distraction sometimes works, but not always.

There have been a few instances of communication, of sorts - it's very clear when he wants to be picked up or fed, though this usually takes the form of pulling on my legs or burrowing into my breasts. Once though, when he started complaining, I asked if he was hungry, and he gave a very decided grunt in response.

Hm. I'm sure there's more, but I'm falling over with exhaustion, so I'm going to post this - for once - actually on the right day.


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Jul. 4th, 2007 06:20 pm (UTC)
have you tried teaching him sign language?
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