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oh boy

Aiden has gotten to the stage of "pull self to standing, grab box of mancala stones from back of game shelf, pull off hairband which was holding said box closed, open box, spill stones all over floor" stage of getting into things.

And so we come to the "scream, run, grab, rearrange" stage of childproofing.

This on top of yesterday when I saw him crawl out of range of the baby monitor and raced upstairs to see him in the act of plummeting off the bed, and dived to catch him as he literally somersaulted into my arms.

Yes, we are entering a high-adrenaline stage of life, I believe.

We took him to the zoo today! He got to ride on the merry-go-round! There are pictures! (Just not uploaded yet....)
Tags: aiden, parenting

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