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I just heard who's playing Luna and Pan down at Blue Horizon's Rite of Luna this weekend... DAMN, you guys. I so want to just hop on a plane and fly down for that. (Except some people threaten that if we do, we won't be allowed to leave again.)

I don't think I've mentioned yet here that Eleusyve's Rite of Venus is going to be ZOMGawesome. Two weeks ago when we ran the final scene, completely out of context, it nearly had me crying. If you live in Portland or Seattle, get tickets now! If you don't live in Portland or Seattle, come visit on the appropriate dates (June 9 in Portland; June 28-30 and July 6-8 in Seattle) and get tickets now!

Also of Teh Awesome: this month's featured show at Arts of Snohomish. It's called Carnivale, and one of the featured artists is this guy, whose art I must cover my son's room with (once he has his own room). The show is up through the end of May.

On a personal-artistic-directional note, the fairies have gone away. Now it's all about the Moon, baby. (Says she who is invoking Luna in the aforementioned Rite of Venus - isn't that convenient.)
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