Heather Keith Freeman (jnanacandra) wrote,
Heather Keith Freeman

8 months! (and 4 days)

8 months!

Aiden is crawling like a champion, complete with scrapes and rug burns on his beleaguered little knees, and he's working really hard on that whole standing unsupported thing. He can pull himself up to standing on anything from a 3-inch step to (his) shoulder height, and then let go with one hand to play with an object or just flail wildly as if to say "look! Look what I'm doing! Look how close you are to a freestanding baby and DOOOOM!"

(Andrei's started saying "When did I trade my baby in for a toddler?")

I'm having great fun watching the wheels turn in his head as he figures out what he has to do to get what he wants. He'll knock a toy off the table, stare at it on the floor, reach for it, pull back when he can't quite reach, think, look at the floor, carefully sit down, and crawl over and grab the toy.

The drooling and chomping that I was so sure heralded imminent teeth have subsided somewhat, and still no teeth. (Though thanks to the recent x-ray, we can be sure they do exist!)

His fontanels have shrunk to about the size of a dime.

And, as of two days after his eight-month birthday, he's started babbling.

In celebration, I offer you a picture of a sleepy flower-crowned baby at this past weekend's Beltaine celebration :)

Tags: aiden, monthly update

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