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Apr. 29th, 2007

Well, yesterday I set up Fire Sea Studios at the OLOTEAS Beltaine Faire. This was essentially the dry run for my art fair booth setup - an expensive, but potentially lucrative experiment. I sold practically nothing, but that wasn't why I was there, so I count the day as a success.

The booth went up and down relatively smoothly, with a few minor aggravations that we soon found our way around. Many people oohed and aahhed (the look on waterfaery's face when she saw Hatchling was especially priceless). And I scored a lovely trade with the booth next to me - a matted print of Instrument of Light for a beautiful Luna-themed set of prayer beads that will be incorporated into my costume for the Rite of Venus.

Perhaps most importantly, I had a good time hanging out in the booth watching people go by and telling stories about my art, and while tired at the end of the day, I wasn't as shredded as I had expected to be. A "real" art festival will be considerably more draining, certainly, but I think it's worth the attempt to continue along this path for a bit.

More technical aspects of what I learned, plus a booth photo, will be going up shortly over on firesea. Oh, and a new print release :)

In non-Fire Sea news, I did get away from the booth long enough to see the Rite of Venus promo show - the only time I'll be able to see a part of the show as an audience member. And oh my oh my, that was HOT. I so wanted to drag an acolyte or two into the adult shrine with me afterwards. (Obligatory PSA: tickets are on sale now for the Portland and Seattle shows!)

It's odd to see the evidence of so much work having been done on this show already when I feel like I've barely done anything yet. Luna's not a large part - she looks aloof a lot and plays the viola a little. But after seeing tsarlighet's choreography, I dearly hope I'll get to dance at least a little. And I'm going to be drowning in this energy for the next two months? Dear heavens.


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