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doing 80 in the exit lane

That's not actually a song lyric that I know of, but it should be.

My computer died yesterday :(. Hard drive failed. Meerkat spent the whole day hooking up an old hard drive and reinstalling windows on it so we could try to rescue my D2 characters, only to have the network card refuse to work. And it's kinda hard to patch the system to get everything working with no network.

We'd been planning on getting me a new system in 6-8 weeks anyway - but that date was because that's when the new integrated motherboards come out. If we do it now, we have to spend an extra couple hundred dollars, and I lose the 1337 k3w1n355 (tm) of having a nifty integrated motherboard.

How will I stand to be D2-less for 6 weeks??? My druid was just about to kill Duriel! *whimper*

But, good stuff:
- Meerkat has another customer!!
- It's pretty outside but cold, so I can look out the window and be glad I can see the sun without being out in it
- I can feel my brain starting to quiet down, should be able to do work soon

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