Heather Keith Freeman (jnanacandra) wrote,
Heather Keith Freeman

7 months (and two days)

Seven months? Seven months!? I was just getting used to him being six!

Last month I hazarded the guess that he'd be crawling by seven months, and sure enough - crawling! Still a little unsteady, but if he sees something he wants (usually either me or the cat) he is off like a little train. He can get into a sitting position easily, even if it's a two- or three-step process, and has pulled himself to standing a couple of times.

The teething (that I realize I've been whining about *forever*, or at least four months) continues to get worse, to no visible effect. We've tried all the myriad things people have suggested, from teething rings to frozen washcloths to carrots to spoons, and while some of them distract him for a minute or two, the only thing that really seems to make a difference is tylenol or motrin.

His sleep has also gotten really screwy - I gather this could be related to the teething. He still sleeps relatively well at night, but won't stay down unless I'm there. (Which means he stays up until I go to bed at 10.) Naps are more difficult. Even when he's obviously exhausted, yawning and rubbing his eyes, he'll nap for less than an hour on his own, and then it takes *hours* to get him to go to sleep again, and even then he may only sleep on me. It feels like he can't possibly be getting enough sleep - it totals about 12-14 hours a day, I suppose, but he acts so tired for so much of the time he's awake. (This part isn't terribly lucid, but today is one of Those Days where he's Not Napping. Arg.)

And then there's the rolling during diaper changes. I sometimes need to hold him down with a leg across his chest in order to get the diaper on him. It's not that he dislikes changing time, it's just that everything else is so distracting....

Hints of things to come: I *think* he may understand the hand sign for "milk", but I'm not sure. He has a particular happy squeal that he only makes when he sees the cat. And he is trying really hard to stand up on his own.

It's been an interesting month on the social development front as well. Most of the time he wants nothing more, and nothing but, to be close to Mommy. He's even pushed Andrei away when I tried to hand him off, and when I come close to someone else holding him he will twist and reach for me. I've put him on the floor to play, sat on the couch across the room to check my mail, and a moment later found him clutching at my legs. On the one hand it's terribly warm-fuzzy-inducing, but on the other it was pushing all of my buttons (I do not deal well with clinginess) until I did some research and found out that this is a perfectly normal phase (though apparently he's hitting it a tad early) that will pass. It's basically the beginning of object permanence and personal attachment and all that good stuff. But until it passes, he will be excessively whiny and clingy and I will do my best to deal.

And on the other hand, he did just crane around and give me the most beautiful smile, and a peal of ineffable baby laughter. There's something to be said with spending all your time with someone who is just so darn happy to see you.

Edit: Andrei just put up a new batch of pictures, here!
Tags: aiden, monthly update, parenting

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