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*falls on floor laughing*

Mercury goes retrograde today. According to those who ascribe to astrology*, this will tend to cause fuckups in communication and travel of all kinds. Because Mercury is in Pisces, an overemotional water sign, the fuckups will concentrate particularly in realms of the heart.

Just in time for Valentine's Day!

(Even funnier was when I turned to Andrei to tell him Mercury was going retrograde today, I said it with my mouth full, so the words came out all garbled.)

This post should not be taken as a comment on the validity or lack thereof of astrology. My views on it are complex, and warrant an entire post to themselves - when I get around to it, which will likely be sometime in 2018.
Tags: astrology, funny

  • This cheered me up after a craptastic day.

    ...May it cheer you up too.

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