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four months (and five days)

Happy Third-of-a-year, Aiden!

You've been a joy and an unholy terror this month - which pretty much sums up the experience of parenthood, as far as I can tell. You -

No. I think I'm done with the second-person letters. They feel contrived and cutesey and it's much more of an effort to write them than to simply say what Aiden's been up to the last month. Same data, different format. And damn, I should get this thing up before he passes more milestones, as in the last five days he's gone from *almost* sitting to full-on sitting for up to ten seconds on his own...


Four months.

Aiden's frustration at his lack of mobility continues, but he's inching closer. He's rolled over from back to front three or four times now, but he doesn't like being on his front much so doesn't make a habit of it. He's also *this* close to sitting unsupported - but even supported has a tendency to lunge forward onto his face.

He gets bored very easily, and that's been the biggest difficulty of late apart from the evening teething fits - keeping him entertained! If he had his way, I'd carry him all around the neighborhood all day, but *not* in the sling - he'll only put up with that for short periods of time. He has discovered his hands, and will suck on them and twine them together like an evil overlord plotting his next scheme. He's even found his feet a couple of times, though full fascination hasn't quite set in. (Five days later, the fascination has set in.)

He's got a laugh! Twice now he's been so amused by something that he started laughing with this infectious, full-body cackle, and we find ourselves doing the stupidest things just to keep him laughing!

Pediatrician appointment! The best thing about these is the dose of "goooood parent, have a lollipop" the doctor gives us. As for him - 18.5 pounds, 26.75 inches, 100th percentile on both! Ears and lungs healthy, developmentally right on track. Apparently it's normal for the teeth to move down, up, down, up, for up to two months before they make an actual appearance, which explains the scattered days of misery you've had over the last month, as well as the incessant gnawing (on human flesh only, please; *maybe* the occasional blanket) and voluminous drooling.

Oh, and he doesn't seem to have abreacted to the vaccines this time round. *big sigh of relief*
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