Heather Keith Freeman (jnanacandra) wrote,
Heather Keith Freeman

three months (and two days)

Dear Aiden,

As of two days ago, you've been on this planet for a full quarter of a year!

You weigh 18 pounds - and the percentile chart for weight of a 3-month-old tops out at 17. I think I must be feeding you well after all ;)

You've grown such a vibrant personality this month. You love being changed, and bathtime, and sneezing, and wield your toy rings with defiance and pride. You don't like waking up, but you love being awake. You notice when we laugh at things you do, and repeat the actions to get us to laugh again!

On Sunday you sat in the boppy all by yourself, with nobody holding you up! And there was much happy gurgling.

You've started realizing that you can chew on things that don't necessarily emit milk, and enjoying it. Between that and the incessant drool, we're wondering if you're starting to teethe, but aren't positive yet.

We've started getting a routine of sorts down, both for naptimes during the day and convincing you to fall asleep at night. We get up around 9; you nap from around 10:30 to noon, and often again from around 3 to 5. Then it's a couple of short naps until we go to bed between 10 and 11.

You're starting to stay asleep without me cuddled up to you, which is a wondrous and magnificent thing! Once you're asleep, I've been able (still only occasionally, but with slowly increasing frequency) to put you down in bed or in your swing, and you'll stay asleep on your own for an hour or so, giving me the freedom to do stuff around the house. Once I get a soft spot set up for you in my studio I may even be able to paint on a regular basis, which will make for a much saner and happier me!

If there's one major parenting lesson I've learned so far, it is that just about the time I think I have a pattern of yours figured out, it's time for it to change. (A correlary: any time I say "he can't possibly be hungry again!" I'm probably wrong!) But more and more of the time I can roll with the punches and still sneak bits of me time in here and there. Now I just need to remember what to do with them before the brief windows of opportunity close....
Tags: aiden, monthly update

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