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Every time I get new hearing aids, I have a week or two of delighted adjustment as I hear things I've never heard before. The rattling of the chain on the door, the whir of the refrigerator, the sound of feet scuffling on the carpet - these are all things I never heard until I was 19 or older.

The improvement in my hearing since having Aiden is producing a similar effect. Last week I heard the cat's ears flapping as she shook her head - something I'd never heard before. And just this morning I realized that music played on my laptop's crappy high-end-weighted speakers doesn't sound like hollow gibberish anymore, but actually like *music*.


The downside is that, since my hearing is improved in the range of Aiden's voice, if he's yelling I can't hear anything. else. at. all. But still, I'll take it.
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