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In non-election news, the PNW has been getting hammered with rain for the last week, resulting in record flooding all over the place, including our little town of Snohomish. The river crested around midnight at just shy of the all-time record of 33.5 feet.

We're fine, despite being two blocks from the river - we're high enough that it'd have to rise 20 more feet and destroy the entirety of downtown before it got to us.

However, we're probably not leaving town for a few days, as Route 9 south is flooded, traffic on 2 is a hideous snarl, and 9 north goes you exactly nowhere very slowly.

The three of us went out this morning to look at the river, with camera. Below the cut is my favorite picture from the walk:

It's looking southeast up the Snohomish River from the River Trail, about half of which is still completely flooded.
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