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Happy two-month birthday, my boy!

It's actually been kind of a rough month for both of us - first I got a stomach flu, then you got a nasty cold, and since then you've been fussy and sniffly and growing like mad.

You've nearly doubled your weight since birth - 15 pounds 7 at the pediatrician today! I leave you for a half an hour, and I swear you're heavier when I pick you up again.

I can tell there are great things happening in your brain - connections being made, others being pruned, processes migrating from the instinct-ruled brain stem to the intelligence-ruled cerebral cortex. I'm pretty sure your nursing behaviors are going through that transition of late - rather than relying on the rooting reflex, you try different things, you fight the nipple and get frustrated, but then you get even more frustrated if I try to help. Even at two months old, you want to do it yourself!

You can support your own weight on your feet, with a look of furious determination on your little face - though balance is obviously a long way off! Likewise sitting - I've actually gotten you precariously balanced in the Boppy for a second or two before you fall over. These little tastes of mobility, though, have got you desperately wanting more. You want to move, to run, to GO!

Surprisingly, you've been showing signs of separation anxiety, which isn't "supposed" to happen until object permanence sets in around 6-8 months. If I'm out of the room too long, your father can calm you just by bringing you out to see me. I tried actually leaving you with him for a whole half hour last week while I ran out for groceries - but you were inconsolable the entire time, and it wasn't for lack of milk.

Today you've still got a bit of a cold, it seems - your eyes are runny with yellow gook, and you're wheezing a bit. But the doctor says your lungs and ears are "perfect", and you took your first round of vaccinations like a trooper! Just 10 seconds of crying and then you were all smiles again.

Speaking of smiles, you've moved from the semi-random smiles of last month to clearly conscious displays of happiness. In the morning you're all grins and happy gurgles (how did we produce a child who's a morning person?). When I change your diaper and tickle your belly, when I bend over you to take you out of your carseat, I'm rewarded with that radiant, toothless grin, and no matter how exhausted and bone-weary I am, that smile makes everything okay.

Love you.
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