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As lordandrei and perhaps some of my past lovers can attest, while I don't usually sleepwalk or -talk, I do have one nighttime... eccentricity that crops up a couple of times a year. Right after falling asleep, I will semi-wake, convinced that I fell asleep with my hearing aids on and that one of them has fallen out in the bed. This usually involves me waking my partner and insisting that they help me find it, until they gently point out that both of the hearing aids are securely on my nightstand.

Last night a different version of this manifested. Instead of a hearing aid, I was frantically searching for a second baby in the bed. It made complete sense to me that there was a second baby, though I found myself unable to actually explain why to Andrei when I woke him.

At least Aiden slept peacefully through the whole thing.

The rest of this day has been following in much the same vein. (Except for the Aiden sleeping peacefully part. Quite the opposite on that front.)
Tags: brains, dreams, parenting, silly

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