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ah, small town....

This weekend is Snohomish's "Kla-Ha-Ya Days", your typical small-town street fair. They have frog jumping contests (which until last year was something I only knew from Mark Twain), soap box races... and this year, apparently a baby crawling contest. (So. Wrong. *shudder*)

But there are funnel cakes, and sno-cones, and craft booths, and all that good stuff. (Hence all my walking around this morning.)

And, of course, a parade!

Unfortunately, this year the parade was pretty damn lame. It seemed like half of it was political campaigns, for one thing. And bringing up the rear were some big chain businesses, which to my mind really have no place in such events - they're not allowed to open stores on 1st St, why are they allowed to march there? Mom&Pop shops, sure. UPS? Freakin' MCDONALD's? Um, no. (And a note to the McDonald's folks - all respect to larger women, but don't have obviously massively overweight women handing out coupons to McDonald's. I just don't think that's really the message you want to be sending.)

Oh, and clowns. There were too many damn clowns, and weird/scary ones. Like a Frankenstein's monster clown, and an Elvis clown. The fuck?

On the almost-cool side, there was a civil war reenactment group, which was all well and good until the very modern pickup truck went by towing a cannon, with people in garb in the back of the truck. Just a little bit of anachronistic clash there.

On the cool side, there was a gymnastics club with girls doing flips off a trampoline, a bunch of people in really good Star Wars costumes, and a really good church youth rock band. And the Montessori school bus blowing huge clouds of bubbles. Yay bubbles!

Such is life in Snohomish.



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Jul. 23rd, 2006 08:36 pm (UTC)
I have a fetish for small town parades -- though sadly, I've only been to one.
Jul. 26th, 2006 04:27 am (UTC)
If you think your parade was bad, you should come down on September 4th for the Kelpers parade. Its been a Pacific Beach tradition forever. We cover our cars with kelp and drive down mainstreet.
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